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Well known as an oasis of jacaranda trees that shroud the streets in purple over September and the bustling Mbare street market that is filled with anything and everything one could think of buying.

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Culturists and botanists can indulge themselves in the city’s museums and flowering gardens – the Queen Victoria Museum and the 68 hectare National Botanic Garden.

Harare is a destination of adventure and unique experiences-making it every bit worth the visit.

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The a great time to visit Harare would be during April to August.

A beautiful place to add onto your sightseeing list includes the Newlands Art & Craft Market which has been described as a hand-craft paradise.

There are plenty of sights that should be seen which consist of: This city has a very diverse and appealing restaurant and bar scene, which is worth the visit.

A great traditional Zimbabwean meal at Garwe is a must with everything from the national dish called sadza, to peanut butter kale and goat stew you are guaranteed to not only have a good time but to enjoy every meal served.

Popular foods in this city include pumpkin leaves, springbok, kudu, crocodile tail and the shoulder of the impala.

Over this period there is very little rain and the weather is great outdoor activities and sight-seeing.

Harare generally enjoys pleasant weather due to its elevation.

However the he most beautiful time to visit this place would be during September as this is when the city is transformed by thousands of vivid purple flowers that bloom each year from the jacaranda trees.


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