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I humbly present to you the ultimate collection of smart logo designs to get you supercharged with logo inspiration! This article is organized in several sections, it is a long viewing – but all for good cause, to be one stop place for your logo design inspiration in 2015! Typeface: word-play art: face from the type and letter T. Very popular logo already, but thought I still share it in typography section.

Scroll to your interesting one or just go through the whole list of logo designs. Author’s comment: “Logo was made for a bold creative team consisting of two people.

Two people being brothers …and fortunately born on the same day. To reflect the essence of the duo, a bold typeface was created to reflect the boldness of their approaches.

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Author’s comment: “Gizzy bear is how a little kid might say grizzly bear. Simple, artistic and very clever – all in one place! Oh, snap – logo with very clear message, really like smart logos like this. Each letter form is either another letter or itself flipped upside down… Author’s comment: “Concept for a consulting company”. Logo for woman underwear store – I think very appropriate and elegant logo! Creative dynamic logo looking like some kind of mechanism.

Simple, clean yet strong mark that could be used for almost all business.

Precision in logotype, stylized E letters and beautiful outcome! Find exit -subtle, smart accent in letter i dot, excellent logo!

Did you know how half of letters can be displayed and separated just by stylized straight, invisible line? Already classic and famous logotype with smart little accents. Type Nosey and see the human face at the same time! Midwest core-clothing company – typography with an obvious meaning.

This will be the only logo design inspiration article you will need to read. If you are indeed looking for logo ideas, that will help you to create simple and smart logo designs, you are in the right place. It’s the hidden thought, deeper meaning behind the logo design.

You need to be cautious not to overdo it though – just one accent, smart idea will be enough to make a cool company logo design.

In this article you will find more than 300+ logo inspiration ideas and logo examples.

We mostly focused on finding simple, clean and smart logo designs.

But you will also find examples of different logo designs using concepts like line, art, typography, letters and visual graphics.

But first of all the easiest way to make good and cool logo design – is to find the an awesome font typeface.

I oftentimes come up with awesome ideas just testing and applying different fonts to the company logo name or text letters I would use for logo design.

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