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"A hat leads her to assume you have a balding problem that you are trying to hide," says Coloccia.And have someone take your picture for you—a self-portrait in the bathroom screams My Space or desperate loneliness.Include a current—say, within six months—head shot and a full-body shot of yourself. "Most often people make their decision based on the primary photo," says Wax. "We don't need you to tell us that you aren't a writer or you hate writing about yourself." Let your personality shine through.

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"That's like saying, 'I like sleeping and breathing.'" 4) Stick with the truth.

Typically, men lie about their height and women about their weight.

Most girls will actually do the adjusting and take an inch or two off whatever height you write anyway. If you're only 5'7'', and her profile says only over six feet need apply (or vice versa), play by the rules.

You know the old saying about first impressions, and how you only get one chance to make them? When you’re logged onto Match, furtively scrolling through hundreds of girls’ profiles, you probably don’t spend a lot of time forming that first opinion.

1) Pick a mature (not silly or arrogant) screen name.

Big Mikey9inch may sound clever to you, but chances are Sweet Jen28 will want nothing to do with a guy who feels the need to "advertise" (particularly when you're probably closer to Not So Big Mikey4inch).

Have fun with your screen name, but avoid being vulgar or cocky.

Stay away from names that denote wealth or immaturity. Craig Wax, senior vice president at, recommends "coming up with a name that gives an indication of what you are all about.

So, for instance, if you like to ski and like to cook, your user name could be Skiing Chef.

Right off the bat, you get a sense of what this person is all about." Keep in mind that this is a name that might stick as a nickname, too, so nix options like Baddabing or Teddy Bear Boy.2) Use a high-quality photo.

"A profile without a photo means one of two things to a woman: in a relationship or not so attractive," says Jane Coloccia, author of Confessions of an Online Dating Addict.


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