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An annual “update” of the “Falls” has become a standard at the symposium, and this becomes ever more important as new challenges emerge.PHOTOGRAPHING SHIPWRECKS Jeff Kuwabara, Marine Option Program No abstract available PĀNĀNĀ (COMPASS) AND OTHER MEASURING DEVICES OF EARLY HAWAIIAN PRE-COOK ERA Victoria S. D., Waihona Aina Corp., and Cultural Surveys Hawaii, Inc.; Brian Nakamura, Hawaiian kilokilo; Loko’olu Quintero, Chanter trained by John Lake Today, we know Polynesians were plying the Pacific Ocean long before Capt. While archival material describes some of these, when doing Hawaiian research, one also can consult living persons, who have been traditionally trained by their elders about their family, their land and their rights. Cook came, and he showed Hawaiians a magnetic compass, they called it a pānānā, because they understood the measuring devices they had already invented served the same purpose.Two of these trained people are here today, Bryan Nakamura and Loko‘olu Quintero. However, the new magnetic compass was much handier to use and so they readily adopted it.

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27th Symposium, 2016, Abstracts 26th Annual Symposium, 2015, Abstracts 25th Annual Symposium, 2014 24th Annual Symposium, 2013, Abstracts 23rd Annual Symposium, 2012, Abstracts 22nd Annual Symposium, 2011, Abstracts 21st Annual Symposium, 2010, Abstracts 20th Annual Symposium, 2009, Abstracts 19th Annual Symposium, 2008, Abstracts 18th Annual Symposium, 2007, Abstracts 17th Annual Symposium, 2006, Abstracts 16th Annual Symposium, 2005, Abstracts 15th Annual Symposium, 2004, Abstracts 14th Annual Symposium, 2002, Abstracts 13th Annual Symposium, 2001, Abstracts 12th Annual Symposium, 2000, Abstracts 11th Annual Symposium, 1999, Abstracts 10th Annual Symposium, 1998, Abstracts 9th Annual Symposium, 1997, Abstracts 8th Annual Symposium, 1996, Abstracts 7th Annual Symposium, 1995, Abstracts 6th Annual Symposium, 1994, Presentations 5th Annual Symposium, 1993, Presentations 4th Annual Symposium, 1992, Presentations 3rd Annual Symposium, 1991, Presentations 2nd Annual Symposium, 1990, Presentations 1st Annual Symposium, 1989, Presentations 27th Symposium, 2016, February 13-14, 2016 ABSTRACTS (In order of presentation) PLANES, BOATS AND MULE TRAINS: THE UNITED NATIONS RELIEF AND REHABILITATION ADMINISTRATION IN HONOULU, 1946-1947 Gwen Sinclair, Head of Government Documents and Maps, University of Hawai`i at Mānoa Library [Presentation Summary] The United Nations Relief and Rehabilitation Administration (UNRRA) operated an office in Honolulu following World War II to purchase surplus from the armed services and distribute it to war-torn countries in Europe and Asia.

Archival research has revealed the wide variety of surplus items and their sometimes-surprising destinations.

Controversies that arose concerning UNRRA’s role in surplus disposal will also be discussed.

THE ARCHIVAL RECORD OF THE SHIPWRECKS OF MAUI COUNTY Captain Rick Rogers A simple web-search for "Maui Shipwrecks" brings up multiple images of shipwrecks around the Valley Island.

Submarine rides and dive shops can get you closer or even inside the more popular wreck sites.

You can now look on-line for the local newspaper indexes for "Shipwrecks." Thrums Hawaiian Annual recapitulates the major stories of the year back as far as 1875, including "Marine Disasters." A number of Hawaiian History books have maritime components.

The University of Hawaii is a repository for copies of many Whaling log books.

Missionary letters and other 19th century documents mention maritime calamities.

Most of the Northern European explorers and some of the Fur traders left journals of their experiences in the Pacific.

Early Hawaiian History books and Spanish Galleon Records hint at epic legends of castaways who seem to have had a profound effect on the course of events across the Hawaiian Archipelago.


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