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Jurists Bar Review Center, in response to popular demand from law graduates and bar reviewees, launched in 2014 the Jurists Online Bar Review and Coaching Program (Jurists Online) as an alternative to its traditional (on-site) bar review and coaching program.

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It gives the users a more practical and accessible way to meet possible partners, he said."It's understandable why some people have embraced the somewhat liberated idea about love."The three guests all agreed that marketing is key to be successful in the online dating scene.

Related: ‘Booking’ on Grindr: Three gays, three ways But Evangelista warned that with online dating apps and sites come with the anonymity and a possible made-up personas.

He added that most people with online profiles put up the best representations of themselves, from the best-looking profile picture to the most wanderlust travel and hobby photos.

Evangelista said that one must always put their best foot forward when creating their online accounts, but do not oversell yourself."People have to strike a balance between putting your best foot forward and being realistic.

Because when you meet up someone and you oversold yourself, you're not going to find a decent date," he said.

Evangelista warned that the opportunity to meet a possible life, love, or even lust partner, comes the risk of finding a bad egg."You have a wider market. But in the pros there are cons and risks and opportunities."Related: Can love also win in the Philippines?

He shared stories of crimes committed during meet-ups he's heard personally, including date rape and sexual abuse.

A study published by the National Crime Agency in UK in 2016 confirmed that sexual assaults linked to online dating platforms such as Tinder have increased six-fold over the last five years, describing online dating as an emerging threat.

It noted that the statistics showed that serious sexual assaults that were carried out by strangers have been initiated through online dating, and the offenses happened during the first face-to-face meeting.


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