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IF YOU ARE SUMMONED FOR THIS CURRENT WEEK, and you want to find out when you need to report for service, click to see the Juror Reporting Instructions table below or click the button, then follow the instructions for your group number.ALL JURORS ARE CONSIDERED TO BE ON STANDBY during the week they are summoned, until they are specifically instructed to report to any one of four Santa Clara County courthouses.

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This page will be updated at approximately a.m., p.m., and p.m., except weekends and court holidays.

If it is not updated, please call the 24-hour jury recorder at (408) 808-6666 for updates.

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IMPORTANT JURY SERVICE INFORMATION FOR THOSE ON STANDBY THIS WEEK: .If you are selected as a sworn juror or as an alternate juror, you must serve for the duration of the trial.You are expected to return to work (if employed) any day that you are not required to report to the courthouse.You will receive a certificate of appearance for the days you are instructed to report. Courthouse Security: when reporting for jury duty, you will be required to enter through a metal detector.Please do not bring the following items with you: cameras, recording equipment, laser pointers, mace, hair spray, knitting needles, scissors, nail files/clippers, or pocket knives.These items will be confiscated If your group is instructed to report, please fill out the Juror Information section on the Response Form of the jury summons, sign it and bring the form with you when you report to court.

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