Online dating credit card processing

Credit card fraud is rampant across all “high risk” industries, from dating services and adult entertainment sites, through to payday loan providers and niche retailers.

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Protecting them is a must, from an ethical standpoint as well as with a view to keeping them happy and retaining their business.

However, this presents a number of logistical and technological challenges and can be a huge drain on finances and resources.

Like many ecommerce businesses, dating sites need the agility and flexibility to manage large pools of subscribers, alongside shorter term or one-off customers.

Managing subscriptions, also called recurring payments or continuous authority transactions, can be simple to set up but the world of card payment processing is a complex and regulated minefield.

Im Global offers high risk merchant accounts for dating websites that are looking to establish direct and international merchant accounts with multi-currency processing including recurring payments for subscription based services.

Im Global understands your needs in a card-not-present environment for dating sites and we advise on all the aspects required to run a successful online business by helping you reducing fraud, increasing your approval ratios and offer you the lowest rates..

Im Global Payments works with online dating sites who operate: By establishing a merchant account with Im Global Payments and one its acquiring banks, your customers can accept Visa, Visa Electron, Visa Debit, Master Card and Mastercard Debit with full multi-currencies including USD, EUR, GBP, CAD, AUD & JPY.

Im Global’s online payment gateway offers you the ability to transact via the internet, telephone, email, fax, mail order and in person with recurring billing capabilities for subscription based services.

Our Virtual Terminal is offered free of charge for those with proper processing history.

As fraud is on the rise, Im Global Payments is here to protect your payments from fraud.

Im Global has adopted all the latest technologies such as AVS, 3D Secure, CVV2/CVC2, etc Im Global offers you vast of shopping cart integration such as Magento, Presta Shop, Uber Cart, etc.

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