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They will also receive a list of nearby potential matches, and the ability to communicate with anyone who sparks their interest.

Profiles are able to add photos, and these photos can be of decent quality, so unlike some other free dating sites, users can actually the other member instead of a blurry facsimile thereof.

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OKCupid seems like a nice place, and overall most of its users seem like decent people.

However, since the site is free, users need to use common sense.

It is entirely possible that a user, who looks like Tyra Banks, isn’t Tyra Banks or a striking look-alike.

Instead it could be a poser with entirely too much time on their hands.

is an online dating site that allows its members to save their money for the actual date!

OCupid has taken the aspects of a personality test, mixed in the ability to personalize a profile and post a picture, and stirred in a bit of a social network site to concoct a recipe for a solid and unique online dating service.

In addition to having all of the ingredients of a good dating site, OKCupid can also tout that most of its services are 100% free (including communicating with other singles)!

So singles should give the cupid a shot and check out this service today!

Visit Site Chris Coyne, Sam Yagan, Christian Rudder and Max Krohn created the site and it launched on March 5, 2005 Today it is owned by Inter Active Corp, the same company that owns and


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