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Friends, if you’re having trouble with women I have the answer for you.If you’re reading online about how to pick up and keep women I have the answer for you.If you’ve been getting the run around from Sally-Jane down the street I have the answer for you.

If you’re girlfriend is withholding sex I have the answer for you. Would she stay with him if he turned into a super nice guy who put her happiness first? Guys – women were put on this earth to make selfish men happy. You can be a liar and pretend it isn’t so, and drive her away in the process, or you can act like a man, a winner, and let her make you happy.

If you have a hard time keeping women around I have the answer for you. She can become a part of your world or you can become part of her world.

It’s not going to be the answer you think it is and it isn’t pretty.

How to pick up and attract women is on sale by charlatans all over the internet but I’m going to give it to you for free.

These guys let women pretend to be strong and independent. The “fight for equality” is nothing more than a war between the sexes.

Friend, those are male traits, those aren’t female traits and they never will be. Now that you are honest with yourself it makes what I’m about to tell you that much easier to put into action. If you wanted “just one of the guys” you’d be a faggot, not a straight man. Once you stop believing in that baloney it’s going to turn you into a testosterone machine irresistible to women and girls. Let me be clear about something: The rule I’m about to give you works for all women, from the sassy, independent sex and the city wannabe’s to the good ol’ country girls raised in the church to the girls from a 3rd world country to girls from outer space and beyond. It’s got nothing to do with being a better man, it’s got nothing to do with getting in the gym and building muscles, and it’s got nothing to do with pick-up artist or ‘game’ baloney. Is he scared that if he isn’t nice enough she will leave him for someone better? Is he afraid to show her the door if she doesn’t act the way he wants? There is 1 rule above all others that must be followed if you wish to have undying affection, attention and love from women. Would he take her out to a fancy dinner on the first date? Now, before I give you the holy grail I want you to do something for me.


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