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Jor-El considers opening fire on the supercomputer, but decides against it as that could possibly wipe out all memories of Krypton.Brainiac orders the Kryptonian police to arrest Jor-El, but he manages to evade them for the time being.Once home, he and his wife Lara send their only son, Kal-El, into space moments before the planet explodes, all but wiping out the Kryptonian race. Kal-El’s spaceship crash-lands on the faraway planet Earth, and he is found by Jonathan and Martha Kent.

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Jumping forward to Clark’s years in high school, he discovers that he has extraordinary speed, strength, and can even see through walls.

He uses his super powers to rescue a family in a gas station accident, and his girlfriend Lana Lang is surprised that he emerged unscathed.

Clark soon learns he also has heat vision, and after demonstrating to Jonathan that he can melt metal with his eyes, he expresses concern about how abnormal he is.

Jonathan realizes it is time to tell Clark the whole truth.

He reveals Clark’s extraterrestrial origins, shows him the spaceship, and gives him access to a recorded message from Jor-El and Lara.

Jumping forward a few years, Clark is now living in Metropolis as a reporter for The Daily Planet.Billionaire Lex Luthor is giving a demonstration of Lex Corp’s latest robotic battle suit when it is suddenly stolen by terrorists.A super man, sporting blue tights and a red cape, emerges from nowhere to stop two of the terrorists.The Kryptonian scientist Jor-El is collecting data from an ice field on the planet Krypton.After obtaining the samples he needs, Jor-El escapes an earthquake and an attack from a Kryptonian creature.Jor-el analyzes the data and discovers that rising pressure from Krypton’s core will eventually destroy the planet.


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  2. They work long hours at demanding careers and have little time to search for a romantic partner.

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  4. It is a crossover/spin-off and sequel of both i Carly and Victorious, starring Jennette Mc Curdy and Ariana Grande as Sam Puckett and Cat Valentine respectively.

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  6. Androgyny is the combination of masculine and feminine characteristics.

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