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Wires (Kyuhyun & Seohyun)Evil Prince and Angel princess laugh out loud. I can't say anything about them, because I believe they're REAL couple : DKyuhyun look shy if He near to Seohyun and so do Her...

Kyuhyun look normality if He near to another girl, but Seohyun? The best couple ever, even though their moment is so hardly to find, but their moment is so adorable and cute. simply beautiful No doubt this is the most well-mannered fandom and ships the most well-mannered couple as well. They both have such unique yet dorky personalities and love to laugh :) Pranksters as well! I Hope Fawns Will Be Real Pyrotechnics (Donghae & Yoona)Donghae and Yoona (Yoon Hae) are super real!

I love this maknae couple so damn much, Evil&Angel couple Fawns (Luhan & Yoona)Fawns in Chinese is so popular~ We all call this couple shuang Lu~ The reason why we like them is they are both very clear beautiful and their eyes are so shining~We can also see their interactive in SMT haha~ What's more, Lu did watch Yoon A's Love Rain when he is on the plane~By the way, sb said Lu Han's ideal type is Yoon A~. Both of them are really very similar and always keep a smile and greet their fans :) Proud to be a part of this fandom. They didn't show their moments in public but we pyro's believed that they are real inside n out. PYROTECHNICS(FIREWORKS) Yoonhae the reel & real couple... Yoonhae for the win Not only is the Yoon Hae couple different from most other kpop couples (they are so subtle, yet even the little moments they share are as loud as fireworks), but the Pyrotechnics are very different as well.

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We Pyros have strayed away from that path every once in a while, but ultimately, we really do try to return.

Our forum is Pyrotechnics paradise, and we are so thankful for our lovely admins there!

We have one of the most extensive communities: livejournal, forum, twitter, tumblr, You Tube, etc. : D Pyrotechnics for the win~ I think there real...

And all of it is held together by our dear couple, Mr. Min Sul (Min Ho & Sulli)Even though I've only saw this couple for a very short time, I can already feel the spark within Sulli and Minho.

I also love the part where they were sitting back to back while the show was on a break... Taemin and Naeun ,their's love forever.~ Oh please, we can see that taemin likes naeun and naeun likes him back. And I can't even imagine how perfect it would be if they become a couple laugh out loud ~ baby couple because they are still babies haha. Bake My Day is always loyal we never lose hope for Baek Mi so we deserve to win this! Please vote Baekmi Yoong EXO (Yoona & EXO)I like yoona and I like exo. I love Yoona to be in Exo :))) When Yoona and Exo are together it's like they've SO HAPPY! To which, by the way, PSH herself admitted that it's not their choice of what they wear, but of their coordis.

And of course who can forget that call from Minho in fx's show! They are best Choco Honeys (EXO's Luhan & A Pink's Chorong)They are the cutest and adorable couple that you will ever love! Luhan is my ultimate bias in EXO, and never did I think of shipping him with any girl (except me laugh out loud) but then I realized he looks so good together with Apink's Chorong.. I love my two baby faces Baekyeon (Baekhyun and Taeyeon)I attended the Dream Concert. Fancams could really trick because of different angles. Well, at first I saw those articles, it is very shocked me but deep in my heart, I am very happy, like the happiest girl in the world because Baek Yeon couple. I really love Baek Mi so much because they have similarities! I don't know why but I think almost everyone in here can realized that maybe... Their interviews from late last year to the recent ones always matches.If you noticed at the end of that show, it was never clear why Minho actually called... Luhan's glance/stare at chorong will say everything! Will's love blossom, you can say in his eyes that he totally fell from chorong's cuteness! I don't care if I'm being delusional but that moment at SMA when Luhan was staring at Chorong during K. I don't get it why baekmi shippers think that Baek was looking at/for bomi. It just so happens that bomi was there where he was looking at, although he doesn't even know that bomi was there. When I was watching Baek Yeon moments video, I saw Baekhyun's stares for Taeyeon were very different. He says he wants honest woman, she says she's honest.In short, there is something going on between this two! Taemin and Naeun are they are people who do not love experience. It's like he's saying "She's too beautiful to look at" I don't know if this quote is familiar to you but they say "Sometimes, the eyes can say more than the mouth" Yep, Luhan's eyes says everything, explains it everything... Will's Love Blossom, SERIOUSLY THAT EYES SAYS SOMETHING! He was trying to look at Taeyeon, I witnessed everything. He thought that maybe Taeyeon was somewhere there and that he couldn't just see her because she's small. They have lots of similarity :) Baekhyun is a fan of Taeyeon since debut, Taeyeon is a fan of EXO and she give lots of love toward them but tae never realise that Baek like her.. He says she wants scented candles, she says she's happy to receive scented candle gifts from RSR.I only started getting interested in K-pop because of them. They were the cutest couple in "We Got Married" and I can never forget it. Cute couple with their shyness and lovable figure, no bad news and scandal.I believe that there is something between those two. Sweet Potato (Yongseo and Seohyun)Yong Seo is the reason I fell for K-Pop... Even they personalities is quite different but they can make it as their strength.Anyone can feel the way how I feel now if only you guys would try to open your hearts and mind for this couple. Before Yongseo I always thought K-Pop just so-so... I hope all of those romantic scene isn't only on screen but also on the true life.


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