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Part of the reason viewers have taken to the show, says Nicola Lloyd, is that some see it as a return to a more traditional type of dating: ‘It’s the antithesis of dating apps like Tinder which are all based on pictures and appearance.

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She replied: ‘Yes, but memories are no damn good.’The programme ended with Terence asking Olive if she’d like to go on a second date, and she accepted.

Sadly, although the couple’s mutual love of theatre led them to see War Horse together, they have since decided just to be friends.

After ordering countless Jagerbomb cocktails — a lethal mix of caffeine-rich energy drinks and the German spirit Jagermeister — to calm his nerves, Louis made fun of his date’s spiritual beliefs, tried to knock down the £140 bill, then got out his phone to work out her share.

They were barely talking by the time they reached the taxi rank — and headed for separate cabs.

The couples, who are complete strangers and know nothing about each other, share a meal as cameras document every word and expression.

After the date, each person is interviewed to reveal their real thoughts about their partner.C4's First Dates has become a top hit as the Gogglebox-meets-Blind Date format is sold around the world.Above: Brave first date couples Natasha and Scott, Abi and Mark, Shirlie and Dave, Olympia and Hugo, Freya and Richard The name of the restaurant is hidden from TV viewers by a large red heart but it is Paternoster Chop House, near St Paul’s Cathedral.The TV crew commandeers the premises on a number of weekends and fills it with single diners.At the end of the meal, diners pay their own bills — often more than £100 — although the production team offers £25 towards it.Executive producer Nicola Lloyd says: ‘We give couples a contribution, but we want the tricky moment when the bill arrives to be real.’From octogenarians to virgins and the terminally single, the show gives a voyeuristic peek into the love lives of a huge cross-section of people.


  1. The site utilizes navigation bars at the top and to the left in order to help those unfamiliar with online dating make their way around the site without any complications. Basic searches can be broken up by gender, age, location and zip code.

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  4. If you choose to turn off safe mode, you hereby acknowledge that you are not younger than eighteen (18) years of age and that you are not violating the laws and ordinances of your local jurisdiction.

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