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shows its First collection in Paris fashion week./ In September 2006 the company sells in more than 15 exclusive stores: Japan, London, EE.

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Wilson, founder of Munoz Vrandecic, was born in Chile.

Miguel Munoz Wilson, founder and Designer of Munoz Vrandecic, was born in Chile.

In 1981, he studied Beaux-Arts and Sculpture at the Madrid University of Arts afterwards he worked as a Sculptor until 1992.

Exactly this experience as a sculptor helped him to convey his ideas into objects itself.

In 2003, Miguel began to use his own sculpturing techniques to organically design fashion pieces.

His first collection was conceived as a sculptural approach to the traditional techniques applied in modern design.On February, 2004, Miguel established and founded his own company Muñoz Vrandecic s.l., based in Barcelona.Until today, he remains the director and maintains responsibility for all artistic issues in his company.Imagine a profound history that has never before existed; a story that was exquisitely rendered for the present and future.A design line created by hand and its craftsmanship lasting forever, an elegant construction based on artisanal techniques.Furthermore, imagine objects based on meticulous elaboration and innovative artistry.

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