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3 is a major mobile telecoms provider in the UK, pioneering new network and connectivity innovations in order to offer its customer base a comprehensive, effective and versatile service.

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3G, which is an abbreviation of 3rd Generation, refers to a benchmark stage in the evolution of mobile telecoms services, or a point at which certain standards have been achieved and maintained.

3G can be used for voice and video calling, mobile TV and mobile web access, with access provided through mobile devices which are in line with 3G.

Whilst 2G was designed for basic low-quality web usage with calls and texts, 3G raises the bar, allowing for fast internet on mobile phones, greatly enhanced quality for calls and texts and compatibility with other devices such as a Mobile Broadband dongle or Mi Fi.

A phone built for the 2G network will not be able to make use of the benefits of 3G, whereas a 3G phone will use the 3G network where possible, and revert to 2G if necessary.

The 3 network is 3G, and is not only compatible with phones, but tablets, laptops and computers as well.

When you use a Mobile Broadband dongle from 3, and slot it into your computer, you can make use of the 3 network and its connectivity benefits.

As part of remaining innovative, 3 continues to research and improve its network and technology in order to move with and inspire advances in the mobile industry.

Using your mobile phone network for web coverage gives you broadband on the go; you take your phone out with you and you are actually carrying web access on demand.

3’s network covers over 97% of the UK, so the 3G availability for 3 customers is widespread and widely accessible.


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