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As I am not very good with remembering lyrics of English songs, I was finding it difficult to put names on the songs that were being played. My friend, who knows more about song lyrics would always tell me the song name.

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Let’s a take a walk through these song identifying mobile apps and websites and get the answer to the oft-repeated question of Shazam is among the world’s most popular mobile apps. Shazam not only tells you name of the song but also it gives you related information like song lyrics, artist’s name, artist’s biography and discography.

In Shazam app you can record a piece of the sound / musical tune.

Shazam will capture this sound and run it through its database of about 11 million songs.

The service will try to find a match for the acoustic fingerprints of the captured sound.

As soon as it will hit a pattern match, Shazam will retrieve the song information and show it to you. But the free version will allow you to identify only 5 songs per month.

Shazam is available for all major mobile phone platforms like Android, i OS, Black Berry, Windows… If you want to remove this restriction, you can buy a license for Shazam Encore (it costs US .99 per month). Just download and install Shazam in your mobile phone.

Then open Shazam app and hold your phone towards the music source so that the app can record the sound.

Once you have given it enough input, say 15 seconds, press the Tag button and let Shazam discover the music information for you.

The midomi Ultra application for the i Phone devices allows the users to search for their favorite music online.

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