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High-profile restaurants and retailers, such as Icebergs and Vic's Meat, have stopped using and selling meat from Tinder Creek Ducks after months of pressure from animal rights activists.

Animal Liberation said it began petitioning stockists to drop the brand after the operators failed to improve animal welfare conditions and multiple authorities decided not to take action.

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Greg Jones, the owner of Tinder Creek, said the business has always done its best to meet animal welfare standards and has only received one infringement notice in its 20-year history - a $1500 fine from the Animal Welfare League in 2013 in relation to euthanasia and general injuries.

He said despite the apparent exodus, the business was thriving and struggling to meet demand.

It produces 15,000kg of duck meat each week."Every single day birds die and, when you have 60,000 birds, you always have losses," he said."The other birds walk on them, but you can't have someone there for 24 hours pulling out dead birds.

In the morning, I admit, it doesn't look good, but that happens on every farm, not just mine."Following a complaint, officers from the NSW Food Authority, Department of Primary Industries, RSPCA and Local Land Services, inspected the farm on September 4 last year. An RSPCA spokeswoman said the organisation has never issued a fine to or prosecuted the producer.

It overcame various hurdles - including protests by Animal Liberation and complaints from owners of neighbouring properties concerned about thesmell of dead ducks each day - to gain the approval."We're in the phase of spending millions to build a new duck processing plant," said Mr Jones.

Contrary to Animal Liberation's claims, the ACCC said it has never issued a fine to Tinder Creek.

It has however taken action against competitors Game Farm, Luv-a-Duck and Pepe's Ducks for misleading consumers.

Other restaurants that have stopped using Tinder Creek duck meat include Wilhelmina's Liquid and Larder in Balmain, Steel Bar and Grill in the Sydney CBD and Quattro Country Restaurant, according to Animal Liberation.

A Food Authority spokesperson said it issued an "improvement notice" in relation to the implementation of "food safety management statements"."The authority undertook a follow up inspection ...

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