Loveholic dating site

This is not a real overview of the general population.The reason this site looks like it has so many beautiful women is because it has been designed to look that way.Every profile photograph has been picked and then created a profile for each of those images. It was designed that way to deceive you into believing that is the Mecca of all hookup sites, which it is not.

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It's not that were insecure about ourselves but realistically getting email message after email message, minute after minute makes is seem completely scripted and fabricated.

Every email we received we could not read any of them.

We needed to upgrade to read the messages sent to us by these women.

Unfortunately we know that every email we got by emailed not by legitimate members but by computer robots whose function it is to send out emails to sway people to try to read them at which time you will need to upgrade and purchase a membership plan to the dating service.

That's why they use the fake girls and the emails its all a combined effort to get you to buy that membership. (13 emails were sent to our profile but all the emails required us to upgrade before we could read them.) Don't think that just because you know the site is operating a fraudulent manner of matter that you can take legal action against them.

In the Terms and Conditions page they specifically state that neither you nor any other person shall be entitled to join or consolidate claims in a class action.

Then they say that you acknowledge that you were giving up your rights to participate in a class action with respect to any such claim.

We assume that you can file an individual lawsuit but for some reason they don't want people filing a class action lawsuit against them probably because it would bring the whole company down and bankrupt them financially for all the different deceptions they are using on their members.

Maybe you don't know any better but we certainly do.


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