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Course Point is structured in the way that students study, providing them the content exactly where and when they need it for a more effective learning for affected students are planned in June, with the added ability for students unable to travel to on-site classroom locations to access them via Kaplan's Classroom Anywhere[TM] technology, which takes the dynamic interaction of a live instructor and combines it with state-of-the-art online tools (audio, instant chat, whiteboard, polling, and screen-sharing functionality) to create a virtual classroom experience.

An adaptive learning solution developed based on authoritative research on learning, Lippincott Pass Point has helped nursing students achieve a 94.59% NCLEX passing average – significantly higher than the national average of 83.04% during the same year.

These outcomes are possible because, as the first online adaptive learning resource for NCLEX preparation on the market, Lippincott Pass Point provides assessment for – rather than of – learning.

It helps students prepare for the licensure exam with adaptive practice quizzes, comprehensive adaptive exams and access to evidence-based content at the moment they don’t understand something.

They also have access to real-time performance data and information on areas of weakness so their next steps are more effective, rather than summative experiences that happen too late in the process to drive improvements.“The good thing about Pass Point is that it is [computerized adaptive testing], so the exam is made up as you go…No other study program out there has that,” said Shelby Le Bel, RN, who utilized the online resource to successfully prepare for the NCLEX.

To further enhance your course, you may want to consider purchasing other products within the integrated suite of products designed specifically for the 8th Edition.

Created with the students’ experience in mind, and coordinated to provide a cohesive learning experience, each product in the suite can be purchased separately or packaged with the main text.

The suite includes: Study Guide, Skill Checklists, Taylor’s Clinical Nursing Skills, Taylor’s Handbook of Nursing Skills, Taylor’s Video Guide to Clinical Nursing Skills, prep U, and, new to this edition, Lippincott Course Point, a digital curriculum solution for nursing education that integrates adaptive learning powered by prep U with access to personalized, perfectly timed remediation built on trusted content.

Taking a holistic and case-based approach, this updated Eighth Edition of the best-selling Fundamentals of Nursing: The Art and Science of Person-Centered Nursing Care helps beginning nursing students develop the blended competencies (cognitive, technical, interpersonal, and ethical/legal) they will need to effectively care for patients in both institutional and community-based practice settings.

Packed with clinical examples, proven pedagogy, striking illustrations, and online learning tools (including video clips, animations, and interactive learning activities), this acclaimed text distills the fundamentals that nursing students need to know to respond to today’s healthcare challenges competently, enthusiastically, and accountably.

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