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Im Sung-han began her career writing for single-episode anthologies.

Despite its popularity (50% viewership ratings), it was considered by TV critics as one of the worst dramas that year.

Im's follow-up Foolish Princes (2000) was about four half-brothers, and she and director Jo Jung-hyun had conflicts over her writing.

Miss Mermaid (2002) starred Jang Seo-hee as a TV writer whose father left her and her blind mother years ago, so she decides to wreak revenge by writing a thinly veiled autobiographical series and casts her unsuspecting stepmother, an actress, in the role of the blind, deserted wife; she also steals her half-sister's fiance.

It recorded high ratings of 40%, resulting in several extensions for the drama.

Ahyeon-dong Madam (also known as Queen of Ahyun and Opposites Attract, 2007) explored age differences in relationships, when a female public prosecutor (Wang Hee-ji) falls for a male colleague (Kim Min-sung) who is 12 years younger.

Assorted Gems (also known as Jewel Bibimbap, 2009) portrayed the ups and downs of a family with four brothers and sisters named after jewels: Jade, Ruby, Coral, and Amber (played by Go Na-eun, So Yi-hyun, Lee Hyun-jin and Lee Il-min, respectively).

The premise of New Tales of Gisaeng (2011) was that "gisaeng" -- the Korean equivalent of courtesans equipped with wide knowledge in poetry, culture and politics, who entertained noblemen and royalty of the Joseon Dynasty -- continue to exist in modern-day Korea.

Newcomers Im Soo-hyang and Sung Hoon played the lead roles.

At the MBC Drama Awards, Jang won Best Actress and the Grand Prize.

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