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Listen to the live radio broadcast of the game in-line while following pitch-by-pitch, choosing from either the home or away team's flagship radio station broadcast.

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Use the hot/cold zones to find the pitch locations in which the current batter and pitcher perform their best, and where they struggle.

The strike zone is divided into nine regions and balls are grouped into four regions, with each zone color-coded to indicate whether the batter or pitcher is hot or cold in that zone.

In addition, the hot/cold zone displays can be filtered by splits according to pitch types faced or thrown, ball/strike count, number of outs, baserunners, and vs. Choosing a particular split not only updates the statistics, it also gives you a detailed look at the hot/cold zones for that particular situation.

For example, you can see that a particular hitter loves to hit changeups low and inside, but struggles against the fastball in the same zone - or you can see if a pitcher tends to work down in the zone with runners in scoring position.

Use pitcher tendencies to get an overview of the pitcher's performance throughout the game and compared to his previous outtings.

Using Pitch-f/x data, we determine the properties of every pitch and track the changes in these values over time: This enables you to tell if a pitcher is losing bite on his slider, throwing harder to get through one more inning, relying more on off-speed pitches as the game goes on, or dropping his arm angle as he fatigues.

Velocity and movement are calculated on a per-pitch basis for each inning in the current game as well as season-to-date and last five games, so you can see how this outing stacks up against the pitcher's historical performance.

Release points are also broken down by pitch type, enabling you to notice if the pitcher is changing his arm angle or perhaps 'tipping' different pitches.

Our real-time pitch type identification utilizes software known as an artificial neural network, which compares a series of training pitches, generously provided by Mike Fast and Major League baseball clubs, to each pitch as it is thrown.

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