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Resumen La Patrona: La actriz dara vida en esta historia a Adriana Ordóñez, una mujer que es encerrada en un manicomio debido a la conspiración de sus enemigos.Sin embargo, un terrible accidente destruye las instalaciones y todos la creen muerta.Lo que ignoran es que Adriana escapará con vida y adoptara una identidad diferente para vengarse de aquellos que le hicieron daño.

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La actriz dara vida en esta historia a Adriana Ordóñez, una mujer que es encerrada en un manicomio debido a la conspiración de sus enemigos.

Gabriela Suárez (Aracely Arámbula) es la única mujer que trabaja en la mina de oro que le da vida y nombre al pueblo de San Pedro del Oro.

Gabriela es la hija del Tigre Suárez ( Javier Díaz Dueñas), el minero más experimentado del lugar, pero, por ser madre soltera y mujer, sufre las burlas y abusos de algunos de los mineros.

Su carácter fuerte la hace rebelarse contra esos a abusos.

Vero is determined to make it clear to Marty that everything is over between them. she does exactly that because she shows up at Marty's doorstep accompanied by her divorce attorney - Lic. Vero shatters Marty's heart into a million pieces (like he shattered hers) and ask him for a D-I-V-O-R-C-E. Now we on The Patio have spent months and months getting to know these characters and we know them so well that it's no surprise when Marty refuses and refuses to accept the D-I-V-O-R-C-E. The argument is now taken to one side of the apartment while the divorce attorney is at the table doing who knows what with some papers.

"We love to mock here, don't mistake it for real hate." -- Chris Ferro "Come, let us gather together and suffer, sisters and brothers." -- Alice "This has got to be the sappiest, most mindless piece of crap that Televisa ever came up with! " -- riberajoe Vero and Emi arrive home only to find the main floor of the Prado Castelo mansion filled with many roses. Vero wishes Marty had shown this romantic side of him back when they first arrived in Mina Escondida.

He insists and gets all stalker crazy and touchy with Vero as he has done before. The two get into their millionth argument and it's basically the same old same old argument we have been seeing these last few episodes. Veronica brings up her usual "do you want me to hate to you?

Honestly, this was yawwwn city for me, but I'll go into as much detail as I can with it. He wants to know what he can do to gain Vero's forgiveness. Mejia ...) Anyway, Marty is sorry not sorry, and tells Vero that if she continues insisting with a divorce, he won't make things easier for her to get one from him. " card and Marty is all like "you can never hate me because you luuvvv me and I can feel it..". He tells her that he now understands where her pain stems from and tells her that she has to understand that he was blinded with pain by his bro's death .. Vero understands but throws in his face that well he made her suffer with no real proof that she was to blame for his bro's death .. Anyway, she goes on to accuse him of having courted her with lies.

Cuando tenía dieciséis años, Gabriela era amiga y se relacionaba con Fernando (Manuel Balbi), el hijo menor de Antonia Guerra (Christian Bach), La Patrona, para los habitantes de San Pedro del Oro, la mujer más poderosa y temida del pueblo.

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