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Enabler are a young Milwaukee trio formed from the ashes of local hardcore groups Harlots and Abbadon.

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Conversely, the rise of metalcore breakdown composer apps seemed to come out of nowhere, turning what was once a rapidly-evolving crossover scene into a perennial punching bag for fans of heavy music.

As metalcore struggles to reassert itself in the wake of some unforgiveable disasters, it’s clear that the genre needs a new champion.

Enter Enabler, a young Milwaukee trio formed from the ashes of local hardcore groups Harlots and Abbadon.

Their 2012 debut LP, All Hail the Void, quickly established themselves as potential saviors, eyebrow-raises over their original drummer (Fall Out Boy’s Andy Hurley) be damned.

Now, two years and more than a few lineup changes later, they’re back with La Fin Absolue Du Monde, a fierce follow-up that imbues what many consider to be a dying art form with a fresh, if still developing, sense of purpose.

In-demand noisecore producer Steve Austin, best known for his work with Today is the Day, manned the boards for the La Fin Absolue, and his mix borders on self-cannibalizing.

Fanged, full-bodied guitars hog most of the space, locked in a constant struggle for space with the hollow blast-beats of drummer Ryan Steigerwald’s kit.

Even with their propensity for earworm riffs and slower tempos, the Milwaukee trio is plenty rabid, so when these two artists team up, they strike a fierce balance between catchy and crusty.

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ENABLER’s sophomore full-length, La Fin Absolue Du Monde (“the absolute end of the world”), is yet another of the band’s works inspired by filmmaker John Carpenter, in this case in his movie, Cigarette Burns.

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