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In commemoration of the 2016 International Youth Day Celebration, a youth-based Non-Governmental Organisation, Brain Builders International has organised a one day summit.

In his keynote address, the Senior Special Assistant (Youth and Empowerment) to the Kwara state governor, Mr.

Saka Babatunde who spoke on Public leadership, emphasised that in the country today, there's a gap between the leadership and the led.

In his words: "Public leadership is all about taking responsibility, and the fear of God is prominent and important".

He appreciated the NGO for its innovative ways of finding solutions to issues that affect the youths. Abdulgafar Arikewuyo (Lecturer, University of Ilorin), Mr.

In his words: "I have learnt a lot from this programme, it's indeed an eye-opening session" Dignitaries at the summit include: Mrs Sukurat Adenike(Yali Accra Fellow), Mr.

We've talked about mushin before, but there is another mental state called "fudoshin" that is often translated as immoveable mind. In my karate line beginners learn the stance fudō-dachi, which is why they receive an explanation of the terms fudō, and fudō-shin right from the beginning. Therefore I offer a German synonym for fudō-shin, Kaltbltigkeit (which is something like cool-headedness in English, I guess).

It's a popular concept in some circles, and wrote this blog post about it. Regards, Henning Wittwer Nice blog post Peter, I enjoyed it!

in my karate group) it is important to avoid any kind of mystification and orientalism (which is only possible, if you really know what you do and what you are talking about).

Mubaraq Tiamiyu (A 2016 Mandela Washington Fellow) and Mr.

Amujo Temitope (Chairman, Amugold group) all took their turns to advise the youth on the best approach to attain leadership positions, the need to be solution providers and not blaming the government all the time, the synergy between solving problems and been a leader, and the step-by-step guide to becoming self-sufficient and eradicating poverty in the society.

The summit also featured a Panellist Session, where participants were taking through the Opportunities that are available online, and how to harness these opportunities to become more productive.


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