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A champion when it comes to being overeager, he does everything with lots of flair and overreaction.He has his own strong principles and sense of justice.Aiming to become a statesman, Kunimitsu is supposed to work as a secretary for the town council of a small town, but by a strange turn of events he becomes a substitute teacher in a primary school.

He wakes up the people in the town as they had for the mayoral elections coming up soon.

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Kunimitsu No Matsuri online versions are intended for anyone above 13 years old.

Masumi Sawa (Ito Misaki) is a reporter for the Maiasa Newspaper, who has just been transferred to the New Chibagasaki City branch.

On the way to her new office, she meets a guy by the name of Kunimitsu Muto (Oshio Manabu)."I've come to this city to become a politician" he says."I'm gonna work as the secretary for a politician that lives here." He continues, "My dead dad used to say that this guy was the only decent politician around.He's got to be a great man--might even run the country someday!Eighteen year old Mutou Kunimitsu sees how political injustice is being committed all the time and how the government is profiting from the poor and labor class and decides that he is going to change all of Japan.Kunimitsu is a man with the crazy dream of wanting to reform a corrupt Japan.


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