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An experience, a story, a group of sculpture, an experience of a journey, a journey to the edge of reason.

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What if the shaping of sculpture has the capacity to give rise to a shaping of our awareness?

What if this shaping of our awareness provides tools with which to bring more of a senseof balance to the world? The “Shaping of Awareness” sculpture group” is directly connected to the most intriguing life experiences I have encountered in my life.

I describe events and states of mind that have lead to an exploration "of listening inside"I relate details of the sculpting experiences and the personal insights of the journey.

I describe the environment conducive to intuitive exploration as well as the aspects of the pieces and the processes that have convinced me to share this story and to continue to explore a powerful yet underutilized approach, I express why and how to me, the intuitive journey is particularly provocative, considering the state of the world today, and particularly the state of humanity.…And we are all sculptors!

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The intuitive journey is not without risk, yet we are likely facing more peril in neglecting such a journey.


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