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Between October 1941 and March 1942 village head Nikolay Fedorovich Deriv and the policemen Yakub Nepp and Kotlet Nepp shot to death 120 refugees, including Jews from the area of Novo Zlatopol, at the kolkhoz named after Telman.

The murder took place at an anti-tank trench near the city.

Infants were poisoned and the mothers were shot to death. On October 8, 1941 members of Sonderkommando 10a assembled 2,000-8,000 Jews from Melitopol near the flour mill and on October 11 shot them to death at an anti-tank trench next to the Berdyanskiy Bridge.

The men were killed first, then the women and children. In 1942, between the end of February and the middle of the year, Germans shot to death children from mixed marriages and their Russian mother from Melitopol. Infants were poisoned and mother were shot to death. In November 1941 Germans shot to death or buried alive 47 Jews near the village of Mikhaylovka in the area of Shelkovitsa. The Germans beat the victims and stole their possessions before murdering them.

On December 15, 1941 Germans shot to death 36 Jews from Molochansk who were being held in the local prison.

The murder took place at an anti-tank trench near the village.

According to one testimony given to the CHGK, the murder took place some time between October 18 and December 19, 1941.

In November 1941 Germans and Romanians shot to death 28 Jews and Communists from Nogaysk.

The murder took place in a ravine near the town's brick factory.

According to Kruglov, several dozens of Jews were killed.

A CHGK report about the exhumation of the victims from that site reported the discovery of 28 bodies. In December 1941 Germans shot to death between 60 and 350 Jews from Pologi at an animal burial ground near the village. According to one testimony given to the CHGK, the murders took place in January 1942 while; according to Kruglov, the date was February 4, 1942.

At the beginning of 1942 12 members of Einsatzkommando 12 shot to death 100 Jews from Novozlatopol and nearby villages (including 92 Jews from Sladkovodnoye). On October 19, 1941 members of Sonderkommando 10a shot to death 900 Jews from Osipenko in the area of the Merlikovaya Balka ravine. Along with the Jewish children, 31-48 Russian and Ukrainian children (most of them also disabled) were killed by the Germans.


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