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Magnetostratigraphy measures the polarity of (layer) was deposited.

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The fossil KNM-ER 1470, for example, has been classified as belonging to the early human species Now, however, the results of their tests and analyses show a new age-range constraint of between 1.945 ± 0.004 and 2.058 ± 0.034 Ma, making the fossil finds older than previously estimated, and providing a sharper, more specific age range for their deposit.," writes Joorden, et al.

in their report, "it is crucial to be able to place the occurrence of hominin fossils in a high-resolution chronological framework.

The period around 2 Ma (millions of years ago) in eastern Africa is of particular interest as it is at this time that a more substantial fossil record of the genus ".......results show that in this time interval, hominins occurred throughout the wet–dry climate cycles, supporting the hypothesis that the lacustrine Turkana Basin was a refugium during regionally dry periods.

By establishing the observed first appearance datum of a marine-derived stingray in UBU [upper Burgi] deposits at 2.058 ± 0.034 Ma, we show that at this time the Turkana Basin was hydrographically connected [via a postulated ancient 'Turkana River'] to the Indian Ocean, facilitating dispersal of fauna between these areas.

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