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Kenji Tomosaka is a young boy who moved from the city to a coastal town at a young age.

The ocean fascinated him, and that is where he met a girl named Nanami Konoe.

Together, they played together on the beach; but unknowingly, they lived next to each other, their balconies just feet apart.

Kagihime monogatari eikyuu alice rondo online dating

Time passes, and summer comes again; but this time, something will happen that will change them both forever...

The anime and cosplay-loving Sakura Nankyoku – known by her peers as Penguin at her old school – has just moved to a new location.

After suddenly becoming student council president, she finds herself in the middle of many bizarre and ecchi situations.

Panties fly, transformations are plentiful and the day is never dull in the life of Sakura, her third-grade sister Kaede, her tomboy rival Kujira, Cha Chi from China (who wants nothing more than to be Kujira's "boyfriend"), and more!

Sakamoto Ryuunosuke is the son of the president of the Kidou Shinsengumi Corporation, a company that deals with capturing all unregistered youkai.

Ryuunosuke has been studying abroad and has returned to Kyoto with his youkai, Nekomaru, to join the family business; but with the company in debt and the arduous task of having to fight the Tsubame Squad – who believe that youkai are being robbed of their freedom – Ryuunosuke has his work cut out for him!

With others in the corporation trying to set him up with a girl from the local restaurant, and obstacles from loan collectors to a giant Kappa hell-bent on revenge standing in his way, can Ryuunosuke succeed, or will the company just end up in even more debt?

After being dumped by his former girlfriend Neo, Shogo lives together with a new girl named Kanata.

While hanging out with his friends in Cubic Cafe, he found out that Neo is a very popular model in a commercial; and unexpectedly, Neo shows up at the front down with nothing to say to him.


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