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When I dance I become more open to different experiences, with friends and people I never imagined.

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“Learning dance techniques have helped me in every day of my life. DFA has brought me increased sociability — increased physical fitness and a better mood.” “Lexi was only ten years old when we found out about a dance program for youth and adults with special needs.

My favorite DFA moments are when we are all happy laughing together.

We were invited to bring her by to see if it would be a good “fit.” Well, Lexi started dancing that day and, nine years later, she hasn’t stopped.

At “Dance For All” Lex is a dancer, a friend, a helper, a choreographer and a valued and contributing member of a group of very special individuals who want nothing more than to have fun together and bring joy and light into our world.

At the helm of this remarkable program is Hilary Kern — a beautiful young woman who is not only a teacher and guide, she is starshine personified.” – “Elisa has been in Chance to Dance and Dance For All since the inception of the original program in the fall of 1996.

Dancing with these programs has been beneficial in many ways.

For someone like Elisa whose cognitive and verbal expression are limited, dance has been a wonderful vehicle for her to express herself and her joyful and sensitive soul.

Dance class is also a social environment where she is fully accepted and appreciated, which helps bolster both her social skills and her self-esteem.

Also, as another place where Elisa can have fun exercising, Dance For All promotes her good health and also contributes to her seeing herself as a physical being.


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