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Causing him to fall underwater, Gram was sinking until his necklace reacted and mysteriously summoned an unclassified RB that shows great resemblance to the Aurora's high-performance RB, belonging to Yagami "The Reaper" Arian.

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At the same time, the pirates also raid those very trades for personal profit.

The most renowned and feared of the pirate vessels is the Ship of Aurora, which makes a habit of reselling its booty cheap so that it can be redistributed to the less fortunate folk.

However, the pirates had pose such a problem that the Earth government, which controls Mars, dispatches their own aquatic forces to deal with the threat of piracy.

Through specialized aquatic mobile suits, called Round Bucklers (aka RBs), both opposing sides battle for their supremacy over Mars' waters. A vagrant and orphan, Gram has spent the latter of his life living on the slums of the city-ship Adena.

He and his little friend, Bon, had just lost their jobs and in need of money.

A local thug offered to reward Gram handsomely if he agreed to show him ways to infiltrate and steal goods from protected warehouse; Gram refused, but Bon secretly took Gram's place.

After Gram learned what happened from Bon's little sister, Shie, he intervened to rescue him.

Coincidentally, the Ship of Aurora, attacked and destroyed an area that Gram was in.

is a science-fiction anime series that aired on TV Tokyo from April 1 to September 23, 2004.

Directed by Kunihiro Mori and co-produced by TV Tokyo, Dentsu and Bones.

The anime series is licensed by Bandai Entertainment Kenran Butōsai Mars Daybreak takes place in a future where Mars is terraformed into an Earth-like planet.

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