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“Specifically, Jewish singles are more interested in ridding their Facebook from unwanted friends, and ex boyfriend’s or girlfriends, rather than spending their time cleaning their homes from dirt and their kitchens from ” When asked which was more important to clean out—your Facebook friends or your cell phone contacts, 85% of the women respondents said it was Facebook, but 75% of the men said the their cell phone would take priority.Not surprisingly, both sexes said the most important Facebook friends to delete are ex-girlfriends and ex-boyfriends. This post first appeared as “Who’s Tops on Jewish Sexy-O-Meter? Mirror, mirror on the wall, who’s the sexiest one of all?But quite a few men also said they would be de-friending co-workers they were not really friends with, and many women said they wouldn’t be waisting time anymore by having people who had set them to limited profile access among their “friends.” Click here to read more. Well, according to the popular media, the answer to that question these days is the Jews.

Jewcier is an easy to use, well designed Jewish dating site.

The dating profiles provide a good amount of information about each member.

My local search provided a good selection of potential dating partners.

With a free account you have access to view profiles, send messages and flirts.

By upgrading to a paid membership you gain access to instant messaging, ability to open received messages and no ads.

With most sites going mobile, ads help sites make extra revenue and can sometimes be intrusive, with the ability to remove them makes it nice.

Overall was a really enjoyable site to search for other Jewish singles.

It had all the nice features you look for in a good dating site and a large member base to browse through.

This post first appeared on The Shmooze blog at the Forward.

You know that extra seat that some people leave at the Seder table?

It’s usually for Elijah the Prophet, or symbolizes our Jewish brethren around the world who are not free to celebrate Passover.


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