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He eventually proposed to her, but Christian's father told him on his wedding day that he disapproved of their union.

Nevertheless, he gave him a watch as a family heirloom on that same day. Christian's early relationship with his son, Jack, was distant and authoritarian.

Christian explained that Jack should not try to be a hero, because he "didn't have what it takes".

Christian stated many years later that he was like Jack during his childhood, and Jack himself noted after being rescued from the island that his father had been a good storyteller.

He also taught Jack how to play chess at a young age.

As time passed, Christian developed a drinking problem, became disconnected with many of his friends, and began to distance himself from his family, even to the point of taking sporadic, private trips for periods of time.

Ray Shephard - Father Margo Shephard - Wife Jack Shephard - Son Claire Littleton - Daughter Carole Littleton - Former lover Sarah Wagner - Ex-daughter-in-law Aaron Littleton - Grandson David Shephard - Grandson (flash sideways) Dr.

Christian Shephard was the son of Ray Shephard, the father of Jack Shephard and Claire Littleton, the husband of Margo Shephard, former lover of Carole Littleton, and the grandfather of Aaron Littleton.

Prior to having his license stripped for performing surgery under the influence of alcohol, he was the Chief of Surgery at St. After being fired, Christian left for Australia with Ana Lucia, where he died as a result of an alcohol-induced heart attack.

After the crash of Oceanic Flight 815, his coffin was found but Christian's body was mysteriously missing.

Despite his death, Christian has subsequently appeared and spoken with people both on and off the Island.


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