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It provides Icebreakers, Spotlights, Ask Mes and Blind Dates as ways of drawing attention and creating interaction among users.It also features a chat messaging option, sticker sending and profile customization.

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To build my argument against a company whose product I once used regularly, I will crescendo from the past evidence to the most recent and compelling evidence.

The past includes one of the companies it grew from and this will become more important in a moment.

The company that My Yearbook was acquired by, Quepasa, had all the markings a successful company in the making.

Throughout its life, private investors, including Jerry Colangelo, Gloria Estefan, John Elway and billionaire Richard Scott, were eager to invest in this Hispanic-focused venture.

The board of directors at Quepasa even included the respectable William Siedmann and the Costa Rican President, Jose Maria Figueres.

1997 is not a far memory from 2011 when Quepasa acquired My Yearbook.

During the dot-com bubble, billions of dollars a month were traded just of Quepasa stock alone.

The reason no longer exists, and consequently Quepasa is no longer Quepasa, has to do with the nature of its business.

Meet Me claims tremendous user growth and yet fails to consistently yield profit.

Meet Me's "social discovery" means it is a dating site/app afraid to admit that it is.

Meet Me's legal problems, and moral implications, are grave.

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