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Soundmanpt , Maria So nice to see you in here again.Glad that you have not allowed yourself to run off by the nay sayers in here.I'm not sure how or why they think posting a picture is the answer anyway.

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Wearing the various glasses around your house is one thing but wearing them outside where your eyes will be seeing at much further distances is lot different as you already know.

It should be interesting for you finding the glasses that are the most comfortable to wear as well as being able to see with.

You already know that your eyes are fine with -3.75 glasses and they were very comfortable to wear as well.

The only issue you seemed to have with those was not being able to see close up as well wearing them.

Yes, start the barrage of "no picture equals fake", I don't care.

I you are goint to tell me that, first post a photo of yourself and show us the way. Also, It would be bad if I was the girl in the photo? that's why you get so "angry"when confronted, because you know you are a fake too.

I mean, you post that link as it was a bad thing or an insult. you're a horny old guy who is getting off using a female name tag to live out a sexual fantasy. Soundmanpt , Maria I think most people can tell the real posts from you and the ones that someone is using your name in.

How does a person like you, the moral guide of us all, the righteous hammer of truth, the knight of justice, do something like that? you are fake or you'd post pics wearing your new glasses like all women do. Getting those boxes was a good idea since you're getting so many pairs of glasses and i'm sure there are many that you're unable to wear or just don't want to wear.

For that reason you will probably find the minus progressives you got very comfortable to wear and be able to see very well at all distances.

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