How to marry a millionaire dating site mogari no mori online dating

The men of circles mentioned here refer to photographer, broker and stylists.

The brokers dominate the whole model circle, they own reins on models.

Models is not the exception( since they are ladies,lol).

In this article, we will share some millionaire dating tips from the angle of Models.

We can learn something from them since they are the beauties among ladies. The First Category: Rich Personals Related people: Business tycoons, Wealthy This is a society about economy and business.

Their point of view on marriage will give us girls some clues on how to marry a millionaire or high quality men. It seems a normal choice, however, for Models to marry a millionaire.

They are supposed to be strong combination and take what each other needs.

In the circle of Models, we can't count how many models have married a rich man.

Just take the well-known model Zhou Weitong for example, she has married a Hong Kong rich business man.

However, Zhou's career is also in the rising period.

She is the spokesperson of many internation famous cosmetic brand and also make breakthrough in the film and television shows.


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