How i met your mother s8e1 online dating

Season 8, Episode 1September 24, 2012The sitcom rings in Season 8 with wedding bells for the impending nuptials of Barney and Robin, but concerns that one or both of them will get cold feet cloud the happy time.

Season 8, Episode 3October 8, 2012Lily and Marshall have trouble finding a nanny for Marvin and learn that it is due to an elaborate scheme Barney invented to meet women.

Meanwhile, Robin and Ted argue over who is in a more serious relationship.

Season 8, Episode 5October 29, 2012With a rash of relationships on rocky ground, Ted and Victoria find themselves at a romantic crossroads, while Robin thinks Barney's screwy when he decides to employ a dog as his wingman.

Season 8, Episode 6November 12, 2012Robin has a problem pulling the trigger on breaking up with Nick, so Barney steps in to help out, while new parents Lily and Marshall look for a way to schedule some private time for themselves.

Season 8, Episode 7November 19, 2012Marshall recommends an old law-school buddy for a position at the firm, but the job interview doesn't quite work out, and Marshall needs to square things with the boss.

Meanwhile, Robin helps Barney get back into the swing of things on the gentlemen's-club circuit.Season 8, Episode 8November 26, 2012In the most important case of his career, Marshall is pitted against his old friend Brad.Meanwhile, the gang recall youthful entanglements with the law and debate over who was the most notorious teenage delinquent.Season 8, Episode 9December 3, 2012A determined Robin contemplates one last fling with Barney and devises a scheme to entice him into an assignation.Meanwhile, Ted steps in as Marvin's nanny, and Marshall and Lily realize there's a definite motive behind the move.Season 8, Episode 10December 10, 2012Barney's developing relationship with Patrice leaves Robin questioning his motives, while Marshall's widowed mother gets back into the dating pool, but he thinks she may be swimming with a shark. Robin takes steps to have Patrice fired from WWN, while Marshall puts a jinx on Barney.


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