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If you drag and drop any image file into the search bar at, you’ll be shown every website that has ever posted that image. You now have dozens of blogs that have a high probability of relevance, all neatly organized in a spreadsheet.

Your VA can find more sites like the ones in your media list by searching Similar But it is helpful to know the size of each blog’s readership.

At Soma, we were fortunate to get a ton of press in just 10 days ( and many more). This section offers our best advice on how to get the MED of press and succeed on Kickstarter.

The 80/20 rule teaches us that 20% of stories will yield 80% of your press results. One week into our Kickstarter campaign, we reviewed our press coverage.

Surprisingly, the post that earned us the most money was on a site most people have never heard of: is, the online property of GOOD magazine.

We stopped and asked ourselves, “Why did outperform bigger and more well-known media outlets?

” We discovered that was in some cases 10x more valuable than other press because the audience is relevant, the readership is substantial (400,000+ unique monthly visitors), we got an introduction to a writer at GOOD, and we reached prospective backers through GOOD’s daily email and its Facebook and Twitter accounts.

What follows is a 5-step process for making the world’s greatest media list. We’ve included email templates you can use to delegate these projects to your VA.

Start by looking at who covered Kickstarter projects similar to yours.

You can do this by using a simple Google Images hack.

If you want to raise a lot of money on Kickstarter, you need to drive a lot of traffic to your project.

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