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For more information on the Global Health Insurance plans we can provide to expatriates and residents in Hong Kong please click Hong Kong Health Insurance.

From Employee Compensation and Third Party Liability, to a single policy for your company’s vehicle fleet, CCW is your one-stop solution for all Business Insurance needs in Hong Kong.

CCW Global was incorporated as a Brokerage by its founders through their shared desire to provide ever more innovative and flexible insurance and risk management solutions to individuals, families, and businesses in Hong Kong and throughout Asia-Pacific.

Founded under the name CCW Global has more than 60 years of experience within the Hong Kong and international insurance industries and brings superior knowledge of the market to your search for coverage.

Possessing extensive relationships with the world’s top global insurance companies, CCW can help to find coverage options which are available through no other intermediaries, brokers, or agents in the region.

For more information about us, and to learn more about our team members and company history, please click About CCW Global Hong Kong.

Hong Kong has one of the world’s best public healthcare systems providing low cost medical services to residents of the city.

However, despite the excellent standards of care at hospitals like the Queen Mary there are a number of drawbacks which will accompany any socialized medical system.

CCW is an expert broker of superior Hong Kong medical insurance policies, giving you additional options to access superior healthcare services outside of the government run public system.

We are simplifying insurance and simplifying medical insurance in Hong Kong to make your options clear.

CCW Global is an expert in providing a range of comprehensive insurance products to Hong Kong residents.


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