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Each adult camp is always a very great experience for all the participants.The always very international group of players not only gets drilled by our on-and-off ice coaches, but we know that relaxation is just as an important part of the practice.

"The camp and its coaches were great, this is the second time I attended and I have to say that I will be returning again.

But next time I will stay for a week longer so that I can go and enjoy the Czech beer halls a little more." Did you think that hockey camps are only for kids dreaming about playing in the NHL?

We welcome adults of any age and ability to our camp as well, both individually or in whole teams. You will see what it´s like to train under professionals!

Czech International Hockeycamp organizes four adult camps every year (including a women’s camp).

Each group will receive a 75 minute training session in the morning, 75 minute training session in the afternoon and 1 hour of optional ice in the evening.

The optional ice time is available for private lessons and individual skill development every evening.There will be also a dryland and regeneration sessions throughout the week.Optional recreational activities include swimming, football, golf, tennis and roller hockey.The program is nearly identical to the summer kids’ camp: two ice trainings every day, plus strength training and the necessary regeneration activities (swimming, sauna, jacuzzi), all in a comfortable environment and under the guidance of experienced professionals.If your team needs intensive training, but you don’t know where to go, CIHC is waiting to serve you.We can recommend locations with the best facilities, and also organize designed training camps for hockey teams throughout the year.

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