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Asthma is a chronic lung disease that intermittently inflames and narrows the airways.

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Herpes dating site review

Although the causes of many autoimmune diseases remain unknown, a person’s genes in combination with infections and other environmental exposures are likely to play a significant role in disease development.

Treatments are available for many autoimmune diseases, but cures have yet to be discovered.

Autoimmune lymphoproliferative syndrome (ALPS) is a rare genetic disorder of the immune system that affects both children and adults.

In ALPS, unusually high numbers of white blood cells called lymphocytes accumulate in the lymph nodes, liver, and spleen, which can lead to enlargement of these organs.

ALPS can cause numerous autoimmune problems such as anemia (low count of red blood cells), thrombocytopenia (low count of platelets), and neutropenia (low count of neutrophils, the most common type of white blood cell in humans).

APS-1 is a genetic immune disorder that causes a diverse range of symptoms, including autoimmunity against different types of organs and an increased susceptibility to candidiasis, a fungal infection caused by yeast.

APS-1 has other names, including autoimmune polyendocrinopathy-candidiasis-ectodermal dystrophy (APECED); autoimmune polyendocrinopathy, type 1; and polyglandular autoimmune (PGA) syndrome, type 1.

and other fungi are present on the skin and mucosal surfaces, like the mouth, and do not cause severe problems in healthy people.

However, people with deficient immune systems are more vulnerable to symptomatic infection. An estimated 3-5 million cases and over 100,000 deaths occur each year around the world.

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