Hearthstone stats online dating

Since patches will not be applied until the player logs out of the game, and players will only be matched with other players using the same version of the client, players will not find their cards changing in the middle of a match, or mid-session without first logging out.

Likewise, players will never encounter the old and new versions of a card in the same session.

Hearthstone stats online dating

Following the changes themselves, if a changed card is craftable, and the change was not a direct upgrade or simple technical adjustment, that card will then be made disenchantable for its full crafting cost, for a short period, usually two weeks.

This is designed to allow players who have spent dust crafting the card to disenchant it at no cost, minimising the disruption caused by such changes to existing cards.

After the adjustment period ends, the card's disenchanting reward will be restored to its usual amount.

This adjustment is put into effect through increasing the normal disenchanting value for the changed cards.

While the game's designers prefer to avoid changing cards, at times patches directly alter existing cards from their previous design. Major changes to game mechanics can be found on Rule changes.

This page lists all card changes made in Hearthstone to date. Minor changes to card text and underlying mechanics can be found on individual card or patch pages.Official explanations of card changes featured in patch notes are included here to provide context for the changes. For a list of changes to specific cards, see individual card pages.Card changes are usually foreshadowed by official announcements, stating the nature of the coming changes, and offering some explanation for each change.Changes are put into effect through patches, with the new versions of the cards immediately replacing the previous versions.Players' deck lists are usually unaffected, but the cards within those decks will be updated to the new versions, which can surprise unaware players when the new version of a card is drawn in a match.This includes in the Arena, where altered cards will change mid-run.


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