Guardian online dating columnist

Before they could make a list of any recommended choices, I needed to view other profiles and/or send winks so that the database can get an idea of the kind of people I was interested in.

The site as a whole comes over as fun and inviting, as in not too heavy or serious as some dating websites can seem.

The signing up process is welcoming and extremely easy to use, with quick email verification before entering the main site.

The next step was to create my profile, answering the usual basic questions, such as height, build and so forth and wasn’t too challenging, just an extract of what it is you are looking for and a bit about yourself and our personality.

The recommended amount of words for this part are 100-150 but obviously the more information you include the easier it is to find like minded people.

Remembering of course not too impart all your particulars as this is the first point of contact and the safety of your personal information should come first at all times.

This questionnaire does take time but some of it is multiple choice which helps and the information gathered is used to find your compatible matches so the more honest and open you are, the better suited your matches will be.

I thought it was particularly comforting to know that anything written on a profile is pre-screened for appropriateness, before other members can view it as well.

This rules out anyone that is using the site for fun or for any other inappropriate reason.

Singles 365 was started in 2003 and has over 2 million members.

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