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Formerly the world's greatest villain, Gru has been ousted by Vector, who had stolen the Pyramid of Giza and been bestowed the honor of pulling off the "crime of the century".

In response, Gru unveils his plan for an even more impressive crime; the theft of the Moon.

When his plans are interrupted by Vector, Gru becomes the adoptive father of three girls: Margo, Edith, and Agnes.

Originally intending to use the trio as pawns for his scheme to steal the moon, Gru ends up warming up to the girls.

They got married after El Macho was defeated and everything began to calm down. Although his hometown is unknown, in an interview with Ellen De Generes he claimed he was from Albuquerque, New Mexico.

As a child he had always dreamed of going to the moon.

He made a "prototype" rocket out of macaroni and an actual working prototype rocket.

For most of his childhood he was neglected and ignored by his mother, and it is unknown if this is what inspired him to become a supervillain, or if the Gru family is a family of supervillains, although his mother showed no signs of being one. Nefario, who builds gadgets and weapons for Gru, for some time and based on what Dr.

Even though he is successful in snatching the moon, Gru chooses to give it up when the ticket for the girl's dance recital floats out of his space suit.

He races home to learn that the girl's were kidnapped by Vector.

In the process of saving the girl's the effects of the Shrink Ray wear off.

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