Good opening emails online dating

Your online dating first message is a one-hit weapon.

You only get one chance to provoke somebody into making a positive response.

If your message does not engage with the person you have contacted then you will simply be ignored.

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But if they do like what they read and see of you, but don’t reply because they are not quite inspired enough to, or can’t find anything positively and easily reply to, then that is a potential love tragedy!

So let’s discuss making sure you deliver good opening messages for online dating, so that you can structure your words to generate more positive responses.

As you will only get one chance to impress, you need to make sure deliver a great first message in online dating, one that is absolutely spot on.

This means reading their profile closely and noting down points of interest you think you should comment on.

My advice is to limit your message to 4 paragraphs, each of no more than two or three sentences.

Keep it short and punchy, and cover things in the following order:1.

An opening paragraph where you hook their interest by making a statement about how you liked part of their profile because of XYZ.2.

The second paragraph where you introduce yourself, making sure you mention an interesting fact, or highlighting that you have the same interest as you have seen on their profile or photos.3.

If you share a common interest then definitely mention it in a positive and enquiring way. Do the photos give a clue as to the lifestyle they have.

Are you the type of person they will be interested in?

If you are someone whose idea of fun is to spend 23 hours a day on Xbox, will somebody whose photos show them abseiling, rock climbing, finishing a marathon and showing off their perfect body going to be right for you?

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