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Write a funny or strange word on a piece of paper and hold it up behind the prospect in the hot seat for everyone to see.

The group must try to get the hot seat member to guess the word by giving hints and clues.

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This person now pass the message on to the person next to him, the passing of the message continues to be whispered from one person to the next until it reaches the last player, who calls out the final message that he or she received.

This fun campfire game does not have a winner, the entertainment comes from the final message received compared to the original message sent.

Match Spear – Pick an object, bread roll or a left over piece of meat.

Draw a line on the ground as far as you wish from the object.

Campfires are synonymous with laid back camping chairs, marshmallows, nighttime noises, bugs, twinkling stars, staring at the night sky, the sharp shoots of wood sparks flying thru fresh air, bread-on-a-stick and the smell of other great outdoor food and drinks… That in mind, spooky ghost stories or short jokes usually surface…

but when its time for fun campfire games, you cannot go wrong with this list: Mosquito Bites – Give each player a sheet of dot stickers preferably red, like mosquito bites!

As the evening progress, try to get rid of your stickers by giving the others players “mosquito bites”! The aim is to be the best Dead Fish so explain that the rules are to be as “lifeless” as possible.

Do this by secretly placing stickers on other players. When the game starts, one person walks around and tag people ‘OUT’ that are moving or making any sounds.

Be careful…if you get caught you have to keep your mosquito bite sticker and receive another from the person who caught you out. The fun starts when those that are out now help you to get the other people to laugh or respond!


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