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In Western herbalism, the effects that plant materials have in or on the body are called “medicinal actions” or “active properties”.

By becoming familiar with the medicinal actions of the herbs you have access to, you will have a good idea where to look for an appropriate course of therapy when a need arises.

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Note: Most adaptogens are immune supportive, but not all immunostimulant herbs are adaptogenic.

Astragalus Ginseng (Panax) Siberian ginseng (Eleuthero root) Licorice Ashwaganda() Alteratives – Herbs that gradually alter an existing condition in the body by strengthening or stimulating various systems and eliminating waste from the bloodstream.

For skin and coat disorders, rheumatoid conditions, cancer, and other disorders where the body may benefited from improved blood structure and elimination of toxic excess and systemic waste.

Most alteratives are nutritive and have an affinity to the blood, lymph system and/or the liver.

Antiinflammatory to the kidneys without risk of irritation from long term use. ASTRINGENTS ANTIINFLAMATORIES Antimicrobials – A general term for herbs that are active against two or more groups of pathogenic microorganisms (i.e., bacteria, fungi, protozoa, etc.).

Most bacteriostatic herbs have an appreciable effect against fungi as well.

Because viruses and parasites are very much different in the way they reproduce, behave, and must be approached, herbs with strong antiviral or antiparasitic properties are grouped in their own catagory.

Oregon grape (Mahonia spp.) – an earth-friendly alternative to goldenseal.

Alfalfa Kava kava Anticoagulants – Herbs that inhibit blood clotting, usually by their effects on platelet aggregation factor (PAF). Licorice – considered a somewhat weak, herbal alternative to corticosteroid drugs.

Feverfew Ginkgo Arnica Red clover Alfalfa ( when fed in very large amounts) Antihistamines – An herbs that alter histamine responses in the body, with the effect of reducing the discomforts of allergic reactions. for inflammation of the eyes, mouth, throat, and other mucous membranes.

Nettle Oxeye daisy Antilithics – Herbs that aid in the elimination of gravel or stones in the urinary system. Raspberry leaf or Nettle – work by their astringent activities.


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