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I halfway lived over there in what was my first “office” — and could do anything I wanted.

The first time any of this entered my fort-building hockey-playing childhood was the Watergate hearings that preempted all four of our TV channels that summer of ’73.

Then there was the newsflash of seeing the giant “NIXON RESIGNS” headline in a newspaper box in as big letters as the “WAR IS OVER” or “MAN ON MOON” headlines I’d seen in books — and realizing this was the first historic event of my young conscious life.

Prolly about as much as Americans were about Canada.

I knew they had Presidents, and George Washington was the first, and 1776 was a big deal for some reason, but that was about it.

Unlike all my friends in Winterpeg, after reading Rolling Stone and other music magazines, I knew I wanted to live in America — a universally unpopular opinion in a small Canadian prairie town.

As soon as I finished my mandatory service in high school, myself and a couple buddies loaded up the van and drove to Californey with visions of bikini beaches and waving fields of pot dancing in our heads.

At one point on that crazy trip we were down in San Diego and climbed over the wall to sneak into their famous zoo there.

Just after we got inside, who should come walking right past us in that spring of 1980, but Presidential candidate John Anderson! on the edge of the desert when the drugs began to take hold.The white-haired bespectacled Republican had just started running Independent as a counterpoint to Reagan’s ultra-right-conservatism. All we knew was he was throwing a monkey wrench into American politics and that was good enough for us. Even got me a bumper sticker from his entourage of maybe a half-dozen people — my first bone fide campaign ephemera! It was only 5 years since the end of that failed war, and a few more since Watergate and the Pentagon Papers, and we all knew the government lied to us and was up to no end of nefarious no good.My fellow Canadian runaway, I’ll call him Joey, was about the only other person I knew who was really into American politics & culture, and of course we’d never seen a real-life American Presidential candidate in the flesh before and rushed right over in our 18-year-old enthusiasm and shook the hand that shook the hand of P. This vet was much older and wiser than us, and had fought in the heart of one of their most heinous lies, and he was filling our impressionable young minds with fresh sinsemilla and juicy details of the latest conspiracy theories.We understand than cheap goes hand in hand with sleazy, so we decided to stream the best gay porn we could find and do it for free, but why?Because as many adventurous lovers know, the best fucks are the cheap ones!So don't think twice about it and come check out these man sluts in our porn tube.

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