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I have just revisited it and discovered that my suspicions that I was just too young for it at the time were correct.

Vieleicht könnte mir mal jemand damit helfen.welche Adresse könnte ich schreiben? As I recently mentioned in my journal, I hadn't seen Fassbinder's The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant since I was about 16.

Hallo Ich würde gerne einen Brief an Hanna Schygulla schreiben.

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She's like a third-rate film professor, someone who might be a TA at a community college.

It seems like she's talking out of her ass most of the time. So in my quest to take advantage of university resources as much as humanly possible for as long as I can until I graduate, I've been obsessively watching films. Today, I watched Fassbinder's ode to the American gangster film, The American Soldier (1970).

She has many of her facts mixed up and it's annoying. Come join in our love of both the fiction and truth of the German Cabaret. And, as you may have guessed, I'm starting to acquaint myself to the work of one Rainer Werner Fassbinder. I am starting to realise that my relationship to the work of Fassbinder is often of a love/hate variety.

I wouldn't say this is his most accessible film, but I enjoy it as a Fassbinder fan. I will be posting this to gothic and historical groups, hoping to get interest. My favourite that I've seen thus far (well, I've only really seen two) is Fox and His Friends. It holds my attention and is usually oddly compelling, but when it gets to the end, I am often unsure of what the point was.

I am a Fassbinder virgin and I am going to watch my first film of his I recorded off of the Sundance Channel. I really like Lars Von Trier and he has been linked to Fassbinder for some reason, so maybe I will like his work too.

If not, you will probably not see me in these parts again. Hex I just finished watching Fassbinder's Chinese Roulette.

I always had a feeling about this one, despite that it seems to be one of his more obscure titles, and boy was I right!

This one ranks up there with Veronika Voss, in my questionable opinion his best movie. The camera is constantly moving around the room and reframing and what we get is one stiking visual composition after another.

It reminded me a good bit of another of my favourites: Fellini's "Nights of Cabiria." Only more sinister. I agree with him about that quote about film makers making the same film over and over again.


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