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It is in the Goldilocks zone: it is not too wet and not too dry. It has not dried out in the 1.5 months that I have had it so far.

The tube looks luxurious, yet is very minimalist and chic at the same time. Formula: The formula is very impressive on this one.

Consistency-wise, it is very creamy and the color is pitch black. Wand/Bristles: The wand is curved beautifully, but not as much as an eyelash curler.

The formula dries within about 3-5 seconds after you apply it and it is difficult to layer once it has dried. With some mascaras, my lashes droop as soon as they are hit with product. Because of this, it is very easy to get around and coat all the lashes well.

And if you try piling on another coat after it has dried, the lashes will feel literally hard. You can go for a false lash effect very easily with this. But with this, the second you put it on, it holds the curl intact. How I tested this is, I took a 20-minute hot shower and there was still mascara on my lashes after! The part that curves inward has very short bristles and the opposite side has longer bristles.

This was my first time experiencing lashes hardening, so it was a little strange for me. Buildability/Curl Hold: I wear just 2 or 3 coats of this and it makes my lashes look very very long and thick, as in, they touch my brow bone long. I use the longer bristles first to build length and separate the lashes.

Make sure you throw out your mascara after the 3-month mark to avoid infections.

IMBB Rating: 5/5 Conclusion: It is a very heavy-duty mascara.

I would recommend it very highly for those times when you want to make sure your mascara stays put no matter what. They are not joking around when they say this is super waterproof and it is on #1 spot on Cosme for a reason.

It is truly amazing and I would say run out and buy it!

The way to get around the lash hardening problem is to only work on one eye at a time. Then I use the short curved bristle side to build volume.

I like this method better than using the shorter bristle side first and the longer bristle side later.

Even though this is only a lengthening mascara, the shorter side does an amazing job at building very good amount of volume.


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