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Join us for a Facebook Live chat with American Honey star Sasha Lane on Monday, Sept. From that time, Orry and George are best friends and help each other at every moment, they fight for the USA in the Mexican War at Churubusco where George saves Orry's life.

On his way northwards, in very strange circumstances, he meets two people who will play a decisive role in his life: beautiful lady Madeleine Fabray whom Orry helps and with whom he falls in love and a "Yankee" George Hazard by whom Orry is helped and who is also on his way to West Point Academy.

A South Carolinian young man, Orry Maine, leaves his rich home for West Point Academy.

Follow IMDb on Facebook This mini series covers 60 years in the lives of the Cleary family, brought from New Zealand to Australia to run their aunt Mary Carson's ranch. See full summary » Zeb Macahan, a pioneering westerner, help's move his brother's family to the wild west.

A few years later, the friendship of Orry and George spread to the friendship of their families, the Maines from South Carolina and the Hazards from Pennsylvania.

Yet, the love of Orry's life, Madeleine gets married to Justin La Motte, a rich cruel owner of nearby plantation in South Carolina.

Their love cannot be fulfilled and they only meet in secret. When Constance and George talk about going to see Orry after she shows George the runaway slave and says she wants to be a part of the underground railroad, she and George are standing in their bedroom. During that time period she would've worn pantaloons or nothing at all underneath.

Liz Taylor, Linda Evans), das könnte man nicht nachholen.

Ich stimme ihr auch bei, dass die dritte Staffel ziemlich enttäuschend war. Ich verstehe nicht, wozu neue ungeheure finanzielle Ausgaben wenn das Original Teil 1 und 2 nicht besser zu machen war..: und jetzt soll angeblich die Serie neu verfilm werden! Denn gegen dieses Original kommt sie garantiert nicht an.Warum jetzt alles kaputt machen mit Neuverfilmung???Wenn ich schon sehe daß die drei nachgedrehten Filme in den 90ern schon deutlich an Qualitätsverlust leidet als die ersten 12 Teile, dann frage ich mich was soll das nur bei der Neuverfilmung geben??? US Familiensaga nach den Romanen von John Jakes („North And South“; 1985; „North And South, Book II“; 1986; „North And South, Book III“; 1995).See more » A story about love and hate, tragedy and happiness, and most of all, friendship set in the very interesting time of the American Civil War.Gets you interested in history, gets you emotionally involved and makes you feverishly wait for the next episode. Many superstars appear in short cameos, the leading roles are played by a big array of talented mimes - Kirstie Alley and Terri Garber should be mentioned here - this is simply a superb example for a TV production as it should be.Militärakademie von West-Point, zwei Jahrzehnte vor Ausbruch des Amerikanischen Bürgerkrieges: Trotz aller Meinungsverschiedenheiten schließen der junge, aristokratische Südstaatler Orry Main und George Hazard aus dem frühkapitalistischen Norden eine tiefe Freundschaft, die Jahrzehnte überdauern soll.


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